Reinhall Piles™

Pile driving just got an upgrade

Our piles can reduce noise by more than 20dB

Hear the difference.


The outer pile

The outer pile serves as a sound shield to inhibit noise propagation through the water


The driving shoe

A proprietary driving shoe joins the inner and outer piles to limit noise propagation through the seabed

The Benefits

Reinhall Piles™ were designed with handling and drivability in mind to provide significant reductions in noise. LESS PILE DRIVING NOISE = FASTER PERMITTING, SMALLER ZONES OF HARASSMENT/HARM, AND FEWER PROJECT DELAYS

  • circle-no-bubble-curtain

    Bubble curtains no longer necessary

  • circle-permitting

    Permitting/Monitoring burden greatly eased

  • circle-project-completion

    Faster project completion

View Slides and Video from the WSDOT Symposium

symposiumOn February 2, 2015, a symposium and panel discussion was held to discuss a new double wall pile designed to improve noise attenuation, focusing on results from recent full scale testing in Puget Sound.  This innovation was developed and tested with support from WSDOT, the Federal Highway Administration, the Port of Tacoma, and several leading engineering and environmental consulting firms.

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"By reducing underwater noise from pile driving by 20 dB, implementation of MCT’s technology could potentially reduce the Zone of Influence and required marine mammal monitoring, expedite consultation processes with the Services, and minimize construction delays due to the proximity of marine mammals."
Cameron Fisher, Biological Lead, 48 North Solutions, Inc.

Hear the difference

Recorded from hydrophone deployed at 10m during subscale testing of 8" steel piles in Seattle, Washington in 2013.

You are hearing 4 strikes of a standard pile followed by 4 strikes of a Reinhall Pile™. Notice the difference.