About Us

Marine Construction Technologies is a Public Benefit Company.  Our mission is to develop innovative, engineering-driven solutions that provide both environmental and economic benefit to the marine construction industry.

Management and Advisory Team

Per Reinhall, PhD


Per is Chair of Mechanical Engineering at University of Washington, with expertise in dynamics, impact, and vibration analysis. He earned his MS and PhD in Applied Mechanics at Caltech. Per is Director of the Boeing Advanced Research Center at University of Washington and is a UW Presidential Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellow.

Julie hampden

environmental Consultant

Julie is an environmental scientist and project manager, specializing in regulatory compliance, environmental permitting, and the Endangered Species Act.  She has worked as a liaison biologist for Washington State Department of Transportation at US Fish and Wildlife Service, completing formal and informal consultations for nearly a decade. She earned a BA from Harvard University and an MS in Marine Affairs from the University of Washington.

ULF Reinhall

Operations Director

Ulf is an expert in large metal fabrication, having served of President of Rotodyne, Inc., a provider of consulting services for paper and pulp manufacturing facilities throughout North America.  He has a BS from University of Washington.


Marine Construction Technologies is a Delaware-registered public benefit corporation and donates a portion of revenues to organizations aligned with its mission.

In partnership with the University of Washington

Marine Construction Technologies, PBC is based on technology developed at University of Washington (UW).  The University is part-owner of our company and receives royalties on sales of our products.  We are proud of our association with UW, an institution with a rich tradition of maritime innovation and concern for the environment.


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"Reinhall Piles provide a much needed and environmentally beneficial innovation in the arena of marine construction. This technology can significantly reduce the noise mitigation effort and setup time, and is far more protective."
Michael Spillane, PE, President Herrera Environmental Associates

Hear the difference

Recorded from hydrophone deployed at 10m during subscale testing of 8" steel piles in Seattle, Washington in 2013.

You are hearing 4 strikes of a standard pile followed by 4 strikes of a Reinhall Pile™. Notice the difference.