MCT Featured in Alaska Business Magazine

Jan. 9, 2016

Our pile driving technology was featured in a recent issue of Alaska Business Daily.  There were several misconceptions* about our technology, but we appreciate the visibility.




1) Our double walled piles do not use 2X the steel of a traditional pile.  Because our piles have two pipes, the wall thickness of each can be reduced.  Our models suggest a 15% increase in steel.


2) Though we tested 80 foot piles, our double wall configuration can indeed be used for piles of 200 feet in length. 


Click here to read:  Alaska Business Daily, January 4, 2016

"By reducing underwater noise from pile driving by 20 dB, implementation of MCT’s technology could potentially reduce the Zone of Influence and required marine mammal monitoring, expedite consultation processes with the Services, and minimize construction delays due to the proximity of marine mammals."
Cameron Fisher, Biological Lead, 48 North Solutions, Inc.

Hear the difference

Recorded from hydrophone deployed at 10m during subscale testing of 8" steel piles in Seattle, Washington in 2013.

You are hearing 4 strikes of a standard pile followed by 4 strikes of a Reinhall Pile™. Notice the difference.